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Powermatic controlled concealed door closers anti ligature anti barricade low mounting height continuous hinge mental health secure accommodation prison psychiatric hospital

Concealed door closers for anti-ligature & anti-barricade situations

Creating a safe environment for vulnerable people whilst ensuring that staff and systems can work effectively is a particularly challenging area for designers, clinicians and estates managers.

Anti-ligature and anti-barricade measures are essential in such situations and selecting the right door systems and associated hardware is critical to assuring staff and client safety as well as efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Choosing the right door closer can be problematic, but fortunately Powermatic® controlled, concealed door closers offer the perfect solution:-

Anti-ligature situations

Powermatic® concealed door closers make a valuable contribution to reducing the opportunity for self-harm.

The door closers’ total concealment when the door is closed is an obvious factor in its anti-ligature credentials, as it removes both opportunity and temptation for use as a point of ligature.

Particularly apposite, however, is the fact that Powermatic® door closers can be mounted within 300mm of the bottom of the door, a height at which effective ligature is considered impossible in the majority of circumstances.

Anti-barricade situations

Powermatic® concealed door closers are recommended for use in anti-barricade systems such as Cooke Brothers’ Dualway, which prevents a patient/inmate locking themselves, and others, in a room.

  • Concealment reduces opportunity
  • low mounting height makes ligature unlikely
  • Reduced risk of vandalism


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