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Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers are the ideal door closer for mental health facilities, psychiatric care buildings, hospitals and other healthcare projects


Concealed door closers for hospitals & healthcare

The need to create a safe, hygienic, accessible environment is a well-established principle for every building intended for the care of the sick, elderly and infirm.

Less well-known, but an area which is gaining increased recognition due to its positive effects on recovery rates and the general well-being of patients and residents, is the need to provide accommodation that is more therapeutic, more homely and less institutionalised.

Surface mounted door closing devices, with their unsightly mechanical arms and control boxes are redolent of functional, uncaring environments.

Totally concealed when the door is closed, and particularly unobtrusive when the door is open, Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers can make an enormous contribution towards the delivery of benefits in all of these key areas.

  • Minimal surfaces for dust and potentially harmful detritus to accumulate on
  • Reduced burden on cleaning staff and more secure hygiene
  • Easily inspected and adjusted
  • Suitable for anti-ligature and anti-barricade systems
  • Less likely to be damaged by vandalism
  • No visible ‘institutional’ mechanical boxes and control arms
  • Enable doors to meet accessibility requirements of Approved Document M and BS8300


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