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Powermatic controlled concealed door closers are ideal for stately homes, historic buildings and other heritage projects

Concealed door closers for heritage & refurbishment

Powermatic concealed door closers lend themselves particularly well to heritage and refurbishment projects where modern fire safety and convenience features need to be introduced, but where the retention of important, often historically significant, features and finishes is vital.

Naturally, the fact that Powermatic door closers are completely concealed when the door is closed, and unobtrusive when the door is open, makes these concealed door closers ideal from an aesthetic viewpoint, but the door closers also deliver other key practical features above and beyond their impressive performance characteristics.

Shaped door heads and the excavation of floors pose insurmountable challenges for overhead door closers and floor springs respectively. Standard overhead door closers cannot be fitted to shaped door heads and the excavation of floors to  accommodate floor springs is undesirable, often impossible, in many heritage and refurbishment projects. Being fitted in the door jamb, Powermatic concealed door closers provide a simple and extremely effective solution.

  • Retain aesthetics and historical accuracy
  • Accommodate shaped door heads
  • Retain features and structural elements


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