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Powermatic controlled concealed door closers new-build refurbishment schools colleges universities educational buildings

Concealed door closers for education

Every educational establishment needs to offer safe, accessible accommodation for its students and staff.

When it comes to door closing, Powermatic® controlled, concealed door closers are the ideal solution, delivering a host of benefits that make them particularly suitable for fire door and general application in schools, colleges and universities.

The protruding, highly visible arms and boxes associated with surface mounted door closers can be a prime target for the would-be vandal or prankster, making them particularly vulnerable, and tempting, to attack. Damaged door closers are inconvenient and obviously cost money to replace. More worrying is the fact that a broken door closer can prevent a fire door from operating properly, seriously compromising fire safety and putting occupants at risk.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that surface-mounted door closers might be used as a point of ligature by individuals seeking to self harm.

Powermatic®’s total concealment when the door is closed reduces the temptation for tampering, vandalism or self harm, whilst the fact that they are fitted between the door and jamb, rather than surface mounted, allow them to be used in situations where door clearance is limited in corridors and rooms.

  • Less opportunity for vandalism
  • Approved Document M compliant
  • No visible mechanical boxes and control arms
  • Endurance tested to 500,000 closing cycles
  • Maintenance-free


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