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The importance of anti-ligature solutions in mental health institutions

Concealed door closers by Samuel Heath have been designed for use in many sectors as a safe, high performance alternative to overhead door closers.

For mental health institutions, care homes, other medical settings and in social housing, exposed overhead door closers present a considerable ligature risk. This is where concealed door closers provide their most significant, comparable benefit: safety. By removing the ligature point, the use of a concealed door closer significantly reduces self-harm and suicide risk.

The impact of anti-ligature solutions in mental health institutions

Anti-ligature solutions such as concealed door closers have become central to safety improvements in mental health settings. A 20 year study conducted by Manchester University provided recommendations for improving safety in mental health services to reduce patient suicide rates, the first of which was the removal of potential ligature points from wards.

In a 2020 article in Health Facilities Management Magazine, doors were identified as a particular area of concern. “Doors often are a considerable challenge for behavioural health suites. Not only do they provide a means for barricade if the door swings into the room, but they also present many anchor points for ligature-associated harm. Every component of the door must be assessed. Continuous hinges are required as well as anti-ligature door hardware.”

Keeping buildings and people safe: Powermatic (R100) from Samuel Heath

Concealed door closers by Samuel Heath have been designed and produced for over sixty years. Our range of jamb-mounted door closers is continually developed to meet the changing needs of the construction industry.

The Samuel Heath Powermatic controlled, concealed door closer offers exceptional performance and reliability. It can be installed in both fire and non-fire doors. As an anti-ligature product, Powermatic is widely installed in mental health institutions, as well as care homes, education facilities, social housing and hotels.

Benefits of the Powermatic concealed door closer

Ligature risk reduction

Powermatic reduces ligature risk in environments where the prevention of self-harm and suicide risk is essential. This area of concern is not limited to mental health and medical institutions, it also has relevance for social housing and education facilities.

The total concealment of Powermatic when the door is closed is paramount for anti-ligature conditions. By comparison, an overhead door closer is completely exposed and immediately becomes a risk when an individual is left alone.

Critically, Powermatic can be installed at such a low height as to virtually remove the risk of it being identified as a ligature point. When Powermatic is combined with continuous hinges, its link rods cannot be seen from the open side of the door.

Performance, quality and reliability

Powermatic has been tested to 500k opening and closing cycles. It is supplied with a 10-year guarantee, maintenance-free and manufactured under quality systems accredited to BS EN ISO 9001.

Reduced risk of damage through vandalism or tampering

Overhead door closers are susceptible to vandalism. The Powermatic concealed door closer is highly unlikely to be deliberately damaged which saves repeat replacement and installation costs.

Adjustable, discreet and automatic closing

Particularly in settings where seamless operation is essential, the convenience of Powermatic’s discreet and automatic door closing is especially valuable. Powermatic can also be adjusted to suit disability needs and other specific requirements. It is the only jamb-mounted door closer that can be adjusted without having to be removed from the door.

Space saving

Powermatic doesn’t require the additional space that overhead door closers need when opening against a wall.

Fire performance

Powermatic is the only Certifire (an international mark of fire safety) jamb-mounted door closer. It meets all relevant fire performance standards. These include:

  • UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marked
  • CE (Conformité Européenne) marked
  • BS EN 1154:1997 power size 3 type-tested
  • BS EN 1634-1 and BS 476 fire tested for both one-hour and half-hour fire doors
  • BS EN 1634-1 fire tested for four-hour steel fire doors


Powermatic is the only jamb-mounted door closer to offer the operating efficiencies stipulated by BS 8300:2009. It contributes towards the achievement of BS 8300:2009 and Building Regulations (Approved Document M), unlike spring door closers.


Total concealment ensures that Powermatic attracts and retains very little detritus and potentially harmful bacteria, which is particularly significant for medical institutions.

Various finishes available

Powermatic concealed door closer is available in a range of finishes including brass, chrome, nickel, bronze and stainless steel.

Speak to Samuel Heath about the Powermatic concealed door closer

Call the Samuel Heath team on 0121 766 4200 or email for more information on Powermatic and our concealed door closer range.

Samuel Heath: Keeping people and buildings safe.

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